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Goddess of Babylon

Goddess - Ondine

Posted: Feb 25 2016

We are excited to release the first in our series of interviews and collaborations with the women who inspire us, motivate us, talk the talk, walk the walk, bring grace and femininity in all that they do.. and evoke the essence that stirs behind the designs of Goddess of Babylon. 

We shot the enigmatic Ondine one picturesque afternoon in the Byron Bay hinterland and picked her mind on all that makes up her enthralling world.. 

NAME Ondine Daisy Purinton-Miller

YOU ARE A Capricorn, an Alchemist, a creator and a Woman

PASSIONATE ABOUT Compassion! I am passionate about compassion! I feel that compassion is almost a lost art! I feel like so much of the modern world removes us from our true nature of truly seeing the beauty around us; the bees, trees, animals, humans! We need to remember to see. Equally, I feel we need to make a shift to see other humans, the earth and earthlings as our kin. I feel compassion is the umbrella that covers what we need to harness in this world at this time. When we give room for compassion to cascade through us, we can change the world for all sentient beings, pachamama and for ourselves. If this grace and humanity was felt, the ripples would reverberate across the world.

WHAT MAKES YOU INSPIRED It may sound out there, but knowledge inspires me. I love the way we can self enquire and expand into something unexpected, letting the knowing and unknown unfold into endless self-enquiry.

The knowledge of the earths bounty as medicine and nourishment is inspiring to me. I come from three or more generations of  passionate home health advocates. One of my earliest memories was my mum and dad talking about "new" discoveries and healing properties of plants, water and foods. That ancient knowing that the earth provides us with magic is incredibly special, but knowledge as a whole is so powerful and unlimited. 

WHAT MAKES YOU FEARFUL Lack of tolerance. Inhumanity. We live in a time where we simultaneously are progressive, yet certain understandings are not being tolerated. The first mode of attack is humiliation and denigration, this plants the seed of fear and this seed spurs inhumanity. I want to live in a world of tolerance and tenderness. We all have our own Karmic paths and our own life's lessons and we must learn to honour and respect people's explorations and experiences separate to our own with out such hate and vilification.

WHAT KEEPS YOUR FIRES BURNING I love nature! Honestly my fire burns for a sunrise and a beach. Even the tiny glimmers of nature in falling jacaranda flowers or long, messy grass. I am in awe of it all. My fire burns also for my best-friend and wise, talented sister, Matisse. She is infinitely amazing, and we would talk many times a day and are together most of our days off. We laugh so hard it aches, then dance as if no one is watching! I can't imagine a life without her. I see her energy as a beacon and a fire that assists in my human expansion! 

WHAT DO YOU DO TO TAP INTO YOUR FEMININITY? The concept of a woman as a powerful creator is something I try to echo through my daily life. I ask myself, how can I create and weave magic today? How can I give and receive (which is a feminine principle)?  When I feel the universe and all its possibility within me, I feel the sacred feminine pour out of me and through me. Women forget they are innate creators and being aware of that is something that grounds me into the feminine. We have the universe within our very ovaries!


WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE A GODDESS? Vulnerability and strength. When we envision the goddess, there is the innocence and sensuality, strength and sensitivity, A recognition of intrinsic duality that exists within the goddess is what makes me feel the goddess energy course through my body. Knowing I can stand my ground as a woman, but also inherently being aware of the nurturing energy of the Mother.

 I love feeling all things sensuous and and this too exemplifies the goddess in me. It maybe the touch of skin-on-skin or the feeling of the rain drenching me completely, or beautiful scents, it may be the sun toasting my body and the southerly wind tearing though after a hot day. Sweating, dancing and laughing also make me feel full and alive as an integrated woman and goddess. 

WHAT DOES THE WORD GODDESS MEAN TO YOU? A goddess is a powerful force which is not just about sex appeal, but more about really being comfortable in your own skin. In a perfect world, the insecurities of 21st century life fall away, and whats left is the pure goddess energy. A woman who is conscious, strong, gentle, nurturing, vital, kind, spiritual, earthed and loving is the goddess. She knows about energy, about birthing, about love and about the circle of sisterhood and respect for woman. She is THE goddess, the primordial energy, the true MOTHER. We see flickers of the goddess weave herself through our lives, but often we dismiss her and choose to denigrate her. It is about harnessing her energy and calling her into you! 

IF YOU COULD TELL YOUR YOUNGER SELF… No comparisons, lil one. There are many roads to Rome. There is only love and light that surrounds you. Know that you've incarnated in this life, in this time for a purpose. Allow your path to unfold before you, you have the power to write your own story. Spread love, kindness and compassion and the negativity of others will peel away, what's left is pure love and peace for you and others. Now, don't be a stubborn Capricorn and actually listen to me! 

A MESSAGE FOR WOMEN EVERYWHERE… Sisters, love yourself! Begin by making decisions that are for you and you alone. Trust your intuition. Start with the self, love your physical body and your needs. From! Love and love and love some more. Harness the love energy! Too often we women are in conflict with other women and become jealous, nasty and degrading, rather than linking arms and hearts in sisterhood and becoming a powerful force to be reckoned with.  When we connect and link hearts and minds our potential for change is limitless. Remember your innate power and ability to love and spread it through your wisdom. We have this! It's a sleeping giant!


I think it was when I really got how the law of attraction really worked. There have been many miraculous series' of events where I manifested seemingly impossible scenarios from an early age, from bringing well known people who inspire me into my life, to working with people I love and respect. Its a recurring thing, its like weaving magic. I began to realise that the law of attraction is real, but it calls you to be innocent and open to the elements at play. There can't be an internal, underlying argument with yourself, get out of your own way!  Make your dreams real. Realising that I/we have the potential to create our own lives ( if we want to and are committed) is  mind-blowing, the positivity faith and ultimately  manifestation shifted my world view, I take responsibility now for my success and also when I don't succeed. I no longer felt inner conflict, rather, trust and ease.( and I have fun too) 

YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE.. Good and tough question! To start, my mum is a long time spiritual teacher and has assisted people with this question for decades! Her constant reminder to me, is to notice the signs that I put on the road for myself to see, in order to find your own unique purpose. What this means is, look at what turns you on, makes your fires burn, what makes you feel the spark of joy and inspiration. It even comes down to the physical body you've incarnated into. I love to write, I love the power of words and always have, so I'm in the midst of constructing a book. I suppose, my purpose is around authentically offering myself and my stuff to the world, in a plethora of ways. The jury is out though, and I'm still writing the chapter of my real, true life purpose.

THE MANTRAS YOU LIVE BY… Don't be afraid to love, even if your heart breaks!


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Photography: Revolution Arts
Accessories: Mora Collective