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Goddess of Babylon

Winter Reflection

Posted: Jun 26 2015

Usually we think of winter with a quiet sense of dread, and once the crisp days are upon us, we spend our days overcome with a sense of wanderlust - daydreaming about a lengthy escape to the tropics.
This winter, we have decided to shift our perspective and embrace Mother Natures shift in season. To see these cooler months as an opportunity to be still, get cosy, make endless cups of tea, take baths and bask in the earthy warmth of a fire.
Winter is a time of reflection before the rebirth of spring. The perfect time to nourish yourself and your loved ones with wholesome, warming home cooked meals - and to spend languid afternoons listening to the rain fall on the roof.
Winter is natures gentle reminder to slow down and to align ourselves with the rhythm of our place on Mother Earth.