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Goddess of Babylon


Posted: May 08 2016

“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colours of a rainbow.” —Maya Angelou

This Mother’s Day we have contemplated what ‘ Mother ‘ means to us. Many of assimilate the word to becoming a ‘ Mother ‘ or perhaps it is our own ‘ Mother ’ we connect it to. Whether it is a singular person, ‘ I a Mother ‘ or our own ‘ Mother ’, after discussing the term further we connected ‘ Mother ‘ to all of us as women. As we are all a creation of our ‘ Mother’s ‘ and in some form we all take on the role of  ‘ Mother ’ with our friends, family, strangers and children.

We look to the word as a thread, a thread that connects us all in our femininity, as we are all born from a ‘ Mother ’ and share the traits of our ‘ Mother ’. It is here we share in what makes us Woman. Regardless of our social denomination, where we are born, the city we live in, the countryside we reside in, our sexual preference… as women we are all carried by or carrying as a role of ‘ Mother ’.

To find ourselves in this moment of time with so much opportunity showing itself for women, we know that it is our ‘ Mother’s ’ and their ‘ Mothers ’ who have walked a path before us that is has been limited, opening it up for us as we are here now. Thrust with challenges that limited their freedom, their choices, who they were or wanted to be, the landscape of former times was challenging for women everywhere, as it still is in many places now. The strength of individual unique female persona we carry with us all today can be traced back to the strength our ‘ Mother’s ’ showed in raising us with the means they had access to.

Crossing over to Women around the world, who are currently facing trials and tribulations greater then we in Australia can perceive, we take a moment to honour their journeys. From the pain of Refugee Mother’s who carry their children across Europe seeking safety, food and shelter. The Mother’s of Africa who face feminine and safety concerns on a daily basis. The Mother’s of India, who are facing water shortages and stifling heatwaves and so many many more across the world.

The thread of all us as Women, who are facing our own myriad of experiences and challenges on a daily basis whilst juggling the relationships with our children or our own Mothers, shows we are all connected. Through this beautiful imagery of Women from around the world, we hope they inspire your own connection to the word ‘ Mother ’ as much as they have us.

Images sourced Pinterest, Google